Memorialisation Prices

Memorial TypePrice5 Year Lease10 Year Lease20 Year LeasePhotoExtra Leaf
Rose Garden and Marker Plaques
Throughout our gardens there are areas where established memorial roses have already been planted. The rose is leased which includes all maintenance and a bespoke remembrance plaque located next to the rosebush. Should you wish, a photograph can be added to the memorial plaque. This option is available as a 5 year renewable lease.
Tree of Life (Waiting Room)
Each purchased leaf can have up to 5 lines of text and is available as a 5 year renewable lease 
Cloister Plaques (New Garden of Remembrance)
Standard plaques measure 10” x 4” and allow up to 7 lines of text. Double plaques are twice the size and ideal for commemorating couples and can accommodate up to 14 lines. It is also possible to add a photo to this memorial. The plaque is available as a 5 or 10 year renewable lease. 
Double Cloister Plaque n/a£399£589n/a£75n/a
Hill-Top Memorial Plaques (Old Garden of Remembrance)
Each black granite plaques can accommodate up to six lines of text. Vases are incorporated into the base allowing for fresh flowers to be placed. 
Memorial Sanctum
Each polished granite memorial Sanctum allows for the secure storage of ashes and are large enough to accept 2 caskets or urns. The fascia plaque allows for up to 11 lines of text and the memorial also includes an integrated flower vase. It is also possible to add a photograph and motif to the plaque. Available on a 10 or 20 year renewable lease.