heritage trail

Heritage Trail

Many local people who were famous in their day are buried in Memoria Paisley Woodside. They include Dr James Kerr, who was responsible for the town’s first clean water supply in 1838, and Sir William Arrol, civil engineering contractor and builder of The Forth Bridge.

You will find many other graves of historic and architectural interest contained within Woodside Cemetery.  Using the maps below, this trail should take no longer than 45 minutes.

Visitors are advised not to touch the monuments and keep to the paths at all times. Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Information on individual headstones is available from the cemetery office.

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Site 1

First Aid Post

Site 2

The Covenanters Martyrs Memorial

Site 3

Memorial to Catherine McKechnie (First burial in Woodside)

Site 4

Statue of lady

Site 5

Memorial to Andrew White RQMS 7th Cavalry

Site 6

Rev Patrick Brewster

Site 7

Memorial to Belgian Refugees

Site 8

Memorial to Dr James Kerr

Site 9

Martyrs Memorial

Site 10

Weeping Rachel

Site 11

Memorial to Sir Peter Coats

Site 12

Memorial to George Coats

Site 13

Donald Memorial

Site 14

Memorial to Captain William Wylie

Site 15

Memorial to Sir William Arrol

Site 16

Duncan Memorial

Site 18

Porteous Memorial

Site 17

War Memorial Plaque

Site 19

Memorial to Dr James Wright

Site 20

Memorial featuring Organ Carving

Site 21

Triple Knot Infant Memorial Sculpture